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( PPT 轉換為 SWF) PowerPoint to Flash 2.5 繁體中文化綠色版

【文章標題】: ( PPT 轉換為 SWF) PowerPoint to Flash 2.5 繁體中文化綠色版
【文章作者】: 軟體中文化網路補習班-總教頭
【作者信箱】: steven8ster@gmail.com
【作者首頁】: http://www.are.cc/
【內容分類】: PPT 轉換為 SWF
【附件大小】: 1.1MB
【資料連結】: http://visdacom.com/chinese/
【作業系統】: Win9X/WinME/WinNT/Win2000Pro/WinXP
【解壓密碼】: 軟體中文化教學密訓基地
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  ( PPT 轉換為 SWF) PowerPoint to Flash 2.5 繁體中文化綠色版
   PowerPoint to Flash 是第一個能夠將 PowerPoint 的 *.ppt 檔轉換為 Flash 的 *.swf 檔案的軟體。
  它支援大量轉檔,可一次將多個演示文稿檔案轉換成目前最受歡迎的 Flash 格式。
  方便發佈於網頁,因為 Flash 只要瀏覽器就可以開啟了,而 *.ppt 檔案需要安裝 PowerPoint 或檢視程式。
  PowerPoint to Flash enables you to transfer bulk PowerPoint presentations into Flash, the world's most
  popular platform independent format.
  The PowerPoint presentations can only be played back on the computer with Microsoft PowerPoint installed.
  Converting them into Flash enables your presentations to be played back every where, Windows, Linux,
  Macintosh and even Handheld PCs!
  Instead of rebuilding all the presentations yourself, let your computer do it automatically with just a
  click on the Start button. Why not get more time to stay with your kids and enjoy your life?
  Your skills on composing presentations with PowerPoint are not obsolete, just continue making your
  presentations with PowerPoint, and then covert them into Flash later.
  ( PPT 轉換為 SWF) PowerPoint to Flash 2.5 繁體中文化綠色版下載網址:
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