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酷樂大師 MAGIX Music Maker 15.0 Premium 錄音工作室

酷樂大師 MAGIX Music Maker 15.0 Premium 錄音工作室

擁有德國影音大廠 MAGIX 的「酷樂大師 15 豪華版」,您不必要學習深奧的樂理知識,具備流暢的看譜和寫譜能力,只要用滑鼠將音樂或影片素材拖曳進來,加上內建專業級的虛擬樂器,再錄進自己的歌聲,就能在彈指間創作出專業頂級的樂曲!


MAGIX Music Maker 15.0 Premium使起步做音樂,尤其是舒適!



儘管有這個程式是為業餘,可滿足高要求的專業音樂家。 Magix公司音樂製作開啟了一扇大門標準錄音工作室為您。

* BeatBox2 plus:行業標準鼓機
* 3500專業的音效

MAGIX Music Maker 15.0 Premium

MAGIX Music Maker 15 Premium makes getting started making music especially comfortable! The Premium version offers additional extras which will get you excited from the beginning.

Choose the extended package and get it all: more sounds, more effects, more functions! Get started without compromises and take advantage of all of the functions! Find your own personal sound completely without any prior knowledge.

Thousands of current audio building blocks and effects from the studios of internationally successful producers are waiting to be combined and transformed however you want. Integrate your own recordings or parts of your favorite MP3s. In a short time, your own perfect songs will be ready - in CD quality. And the best part is, it's all so simple that you can get started right away

Record and edit your own voice, sounds and instruments with the microphone and use the professional mixer to control all sound effects for the best results possible. In spite of that this program is intended for amateurs, it can meet high requirements of professional musicians. Magix Music Maker opens the door to studio standard audio recordings for you. Thanks to easy operation, every recording process becomes a creative session. One click and recording is on. In addition, there are also functions to work with video. So, there is the possibility to use this program as video editor. You can import videos, cut them to match your song and then apply detailed editing.


* BeatBox2 plus: industry standard drum computer
* 3,500 professional sounds
* Make songs as a team
* Advanced studio functions
* and much more

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