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數位音樂唱片轉換燒錄站 Digital Music Record Edit Burn Studio v7.5.0.12 正式版

數位音樂唱片轉換燒錄站 Digital Music Record Edit Burn Studio v7.5.0.12 正式版



*音訊轉換器提供了廣泛覆蓋的實時解碼技術。 MP3格式的口袋播放器,或WMA格式的網路傳輸,無論您需要什麼,它提供了高質量的業務需求。

Digital Music Record Convert Burn Station is a multifunctional audio recorder, audio converter,
 music CD ripper and audio CD burning software. With it, you can record,
convert, rip, and burn music CD easily and fast.

Five applications are provided in Digital Music Record Edit Burn station:
* Audio Recorder records audio from micro phone, CD, video, and any audio files you hear from your computer;
* Audio Converter offers wide-covered Real-time Decoding technology. MP3 format for pocket player, or WMA format for Web delivery, no matter what you need, it offers the quality your business demands;
* Audio CD Burner integrates all burning technology into one workstation. It’s the only authoring station that gives you fast and efficient access to Disc-Audio production;
* Audio MP3 CD Burner digitizes MP3 to the hard disk, in a way that is suitable to burn it on an audio CD;
* Audio Grabber is designed specifically for music fans and it brings every track in a CD to your professional productions.

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