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加密Flash保護反編譯Amayeta SWC Encrypt v5.0.4

加密Flash保護反編譯Amayeta SWC Encrypt v5.0.4

Amayeta SWC Encrypt  
SWC Encrypt加密你的Flash SWC元件檔案保護你的ActionScript不能被市場上面能見到的大部分的反編譯軟體不能反向專案。
SWC Encrypt是Flash 元件開發人員不可缺的開發工具。

SWC Encrypt 1.0 has been designed for Flash Component Developers who want to keep their ActionScript Secure.
SWC Encrypt 1.0 provides high security and protection for your SWC Files, keeping the ActionScript safe from prying eyes.
Having taken 2 years to create, SWC Encrypt 1.0 is an essential tool for Flash Component Developers.

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