PHP網站程式設計軟體-phpDesigner 7 繁體中文版

PHP網站程式設計軟體-phpDesigner 7 繁體中文版

phpDesigner 7 繁體中文版為商業付費軟體!
phpDesigner 7是所有你需要為你的網站開發工具軟體。
迅速快捷,功能齊全的PHP編輯器和PHP的IDE內置的HTML,CSS和JavaScript編輯器和FTP/ SFTP發布!



 工作與 jQuery,Ext JS, YUI, Dojo, MooTools,Prototype和所有PHP框架


PHP網站程式設計軟體-phpDesigner 7 繁體中文版官方下載網址:



phpDesigner 7 is more than just a powerful and lightning fast PHP IDE and PHP editor - it's also a full-featured HTML-, CSS- and javascript editor boosted with features so you can get your work done - for both beginners and professional developers! phpDesigner 7 assists you with everything from editing, analyzing, debugging to publishing websites powered by PHP, HTML, CSS to javascript plus other languages! phpDesigner 7 supports not only working with your favorite PHP frameworks but also popular javascript frameworks jQuery, Ext JS, YUI, Dojo, MooTools and Prototype! phpDesigner 7 comes with new features and improvements that will help you boost your coding and make phpDesigner 7 to the preferred complete PHP IDE and Web development tool for both beginners and professional developers!

Main features:
» Intelligent syntax highlighting with dim and no dim
» Syntax check for PHP, HTML and CSS
» Code completion for PHP, HTML, CSS and javascript including jQuery and other popular javascript frameworks
» Code tip for PHP and javascript
» Code inspector for HTML
» Intuitive way to navigate through your code including your projects
» Support for nested PHP objects
» Advanced support for working with PHP classes
» Support for PHP and javascript object oriented programming (oop)
» Code inspector for HTML
» Code explorer for PHP (with filter), CSS and javascript
» Work with any PHP framework (including through the code completion and code tip)
» Go to any PHP, CSS and javascript declarations
» See support for jQuery in phpDesigner 7 in action
» Debug and profile PHP scripts with Xdebug
» Easy to learn interface and fun to use

phpDesigner7 latest version is 7.2.4 new
phpDesigner 7 is all you need for your web-development.
Rapid fast and full-featured PHP editor and PHP IDE with built-in HTML, CSS and JavaScript editors and FTP/SFTP!

 Create, edit, debug, analyze and publish PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript
 Boost productivity with tons of time-saving features to speed up your development
 Work with jQuery, Ext JS, YUI, Dojo, MooTools, Prototype and all PHP frameworks

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